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Why Our Clients Love Mobile Shredding

If you have never hired the mobile document shredder service of a company, then believe us, you are in for a treat. When we talk about mobile document shredding service, we are actually talking about mobile shredding truck services. On-site shredding or mobile document shredding has become a very acceptable option, not only for the businesses but for the America residents too. With the necessary experience and availability of proper pieces of equipment, mobile document shredding companies in America dispose of the documents and papers in a neat, clean, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

What Shred It For Less Newport Beach does is carry out document shredding in front of our customers. We visit our client’s house and office upon one call. Our equipped trucks stay parked there until the job of shredding our clients’ confidential document has been finished.

To improve the value of our mobile document shredding services, we asked our customers what’s that they like most about our shredding services, and here are some of the responses we got:

Our customer’s response: 

  1. Mobile shredding is absolutely flexible and offers convenience. I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting and also don’t have to feel like waiting forever. Mobile shredding services are worth the money.
  2. I am responsible for managing paper shredding for a law firm. I have witnessed the papers getting shredding in the document shredding trucks for more than ten times, and I absolutely find the service quite cathartic.
  3. Our firm deals with medical records, and we can’t take any chance at all when it comes to shredding several sensitive records. Witnessing our documents getting shredded gives us the peace of mind we need to get some good sleep.
    Mobile Shredding
  4. Having eyeballs on the entire shredding process and witnessing the whole pierce and tear shredding gives us the satisfaction that our documents are destroyed, and we don’t have to worry anymore about identity theft.
  5. We found the shredding service a little more cost-effective than drop-off shredding. Mobile shredding is a great deal for large volume shred jobs.

Shred It For Less Newport Beach deals with a variety of customers across all industries. The truth is each piece of information around you is confidential when you look at it plainly, and if not handled well, the result could be devastating.

Typically, most of the customers of Shred It For Less Newport Beach want to dispose of their documents regularly. They want their shredding services carried out repeatedly. But even those who get their document shredding done twice a month need a secure place to keep their documents in the interim. That’s why we provide our customers with lockable security consoles.

If you are still not convinced that the mobile shredding service is the perfect solution for your all mobile shredding needs, then give us a call (949) 371-8431, and we’ll be able to clear every doubt you have in your mind.

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