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Rising Need for Industrial Paper Shredding Services

Industrial paper shredding service is a must. Wondering why? Well, apart from saving money, reducing liability, ensuring recycling, and enabling productivity, industrial paper shredder services build a reputation. And it is the responsibility of the business owner to hire the best-in-industry industrial paper shredding company that can destroy his company-documents as per the regulations.

At Shred It for Less Newport Beach, we provide an extra layer of protection in the form of industrial paper shredding services – a service that ensures your papers cannot be misused or stolen.

Even electronic data is at high risk.                                                                        

As recently as 2019, 3.2 million identity theft and fraud reports were reported. These statistics by insurance information institute shows us that even electronic breaches are more common. Paper breaches and identity thefts are still a concern. That only means that any business that keeps paper documents, whether industrial or commercial, should be concerned about a potential breach.

The numbers of identity theft complaints are not getting much better over time. In 2017, Equifax, an American multinational consumer credit reporting agency, suffered a breach that exposed the data of more than 145 million people. There is no doubt why American companies are still making use of papers to record information. These statistics of an American company illustrate the importance of securing data. It is important to note that paper files can cause just as much damage as an electronic data breach if stolen.

 Industrial Paper Shredding Services


How can industrial paper documents be compromised?

The options are endless, and the ways in which paper documents can be compromised by improper disposal and destruction are unlimited. Here are a few examples:

  • Industrial documents waiting to be shredded in bins in an unsecured way invite unauthorised personnel to find and access them.
  • Industrial paper documents, when thrown away, could be found and stolen by the one who is always on the hunt for personal information.

Paper documents and files stored in your industries are still vulnerable to theft or misappropriation.

How secure industrial paper shredding can protect you?

Industrial paper shredding companies offer some serious and significant advantages that make them a far superior option to get rid of documents than any other method. At Shred It For Less Newport Beach, our team offers our American clients with a choice of NAID certified and Downstream Data protected on-site shredding, off-site shredding, and industrial shredding.

Most importantly, what you will be able to do is track our progress.

The secure industrial paper shredding services by Shred It for Less Newport Beach allow you to:

  • Stick to an industrial paper document destruction schedule
  • Store documents to be destroyed in secure bins until they are disposed of
  • Witness the destruction of your industrial paper records or track the progress to a secure location
  • Receive a certificate of destruction, in the end, confirming the destruction of your documents


You are responsible for securing the data of your clients and employees, and the best way to ensure the security of your clients is by hiring the best-in-industry industrial shredding companies like Shred It For Less Newport Beach. To know more about what and how we deliver our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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