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    Many locals know about Airport Self Storage, located at 3800 Campus Drive. Airport Self Storage has been a long-time, drop-off shredding partner in Newport Beach. If you go to Airport Self Storage, you will find lots of parking, friendly staff, and a gated facility. Simply park outside the gate and walk into the office. You will also see the Shred It for Less™ sign in the window.
    One important thing to know before you head over to Airport Self Storage is that the entrance to 3800 Campus Drive is on the left before you get to Bristol. Driving around the block is the best way to get there (turn left on Quail, then right on Birch Street, then right again on Bristol). When you get there, you will go into the office and meet with on-site managers who will help you. For the past 10 years, we are proud to call Airport Self Storage a drop-off shredding partner.
    This location is open 7 days a week, Monday – Saturday from 9AM-6PM and Sunday from 10AM-4PM. All forms of payment are accepted. On average, this location is serviced every two weeks. Visit Airport Self Storage at your convenience as appointments are not needed. While you’re there, check out the storage unit availability and pricing because Airport Self Storage has a lot to offer.


    Protecting your sensitive documents and records is serious business, and we take it seriously!

    The Shred It for Less™ service was born in 2009. At the time, drop-off shredding was a new concept when Shred Connect set up its first location in Laguna Beach. The idea was formed from talking to many people who wanted shredding but had less than the 10-box minimum. While the minimum wasn’t a service stipulation, the cost was too high for the amount of material people generally had.

    On Site Shredding Newport Beach Ca

    location details


    Mon – Sat: 9AM-6PM

    Sun: 10AM-4PM


    Forms of payment accepted are cash, debit, credit


    Material stays secure until it is shredded. Facilities have 24-hour video surveillance.


    You can leave your name to receive a Certificate of Destruction – issued once material has been shredded.

    Shred Connect is your professional and reliable source for document and paper shredding services in California. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective and secure solutions for private and sensitive information at your business or home with our shredding services.

    Shred Connect understands the need to protect your sensitive and confidential documents and comply with all California and federal regulations when we shred paper.

    Whether it is paper shredding, mobile shredding, document shredding, or some other document destruction service, our team can take care of it, both on-site and off-site. This makes us the best document shredder in the area. We proudly serve Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, La Habra, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Norco, and Long Beach.

    You can make an appointment for our trained drivers to pick up your unwanted information. We will haul it off-site, or if you want, we can also dispose of the documents on-site.

    We offer our clients the highest level of security in La Habra. We destroy all documents beyond reconstructive recognition.

    Bringing Secure Document Shredding Services to You When You Need it

    Shred Connect offers convenient and affordable shredding services, designed to help California businesses and companies remain compliant with federal and local laws and help California residents protect their privacy while practicing excellent environmental stewardship. Whether you are looking for the best shredding company, we have you covered.


    Running a business or organization is multifaceted, challenging, and complex. You probably have several responsibilities to juggle, such as protecting your employees, customers, and ideas from theft. Paper shredding offers affordable and quick theft protection that maintains confidentiality for your business.

    Our reliable commercial document shredding services are designed to supply secure document destruction services that comply with California laws. We specialize in commercial shredding and industrial shredding of sensitive and confidential documents for all kinds of companies and organizations. We use powerful industrial paper shredder machines to get the job done.

    All documents and records containing private and sensitive information should be adequately destroyed. Our professional and economical shredding services thoroughly dispose of your paperwork. This makes your information secure and inaccessible.

    We provide a variety of commercial shredding services in order to meet the needs and requirements of businesses in many industries and of any size. Here are some of our commercial offerings.

    Document Shredding Services Newport Beach Ca

    On-site Shredding and Document Destruction

    As a certified and experienced secure document destruction provider, our goal is to offer confidential and safe on-site paper shredding and document destruction services while maintaining the highest quality standards in all we do.

    Our personal and customized hands-on customer service is the best in the industry. Your needs and preferences will be met immediately by an experienced document destruction expert in real-time.

    Our on-site shredding services ensure that all your confidential data remains secure. Additionally, our services help protect your business’s sensitive information and documents to maintain your reputation and comply with all applicable privacy laws.

    Document Shredder Newport Beach Ca


    Many companies and businesses prefer peace of mind and assurance in having their sensitive documents destroyed at their business. We offer mobile shredding services for all your specific data destruction needs. All you need to do is put all your documents into boxes and then schedule your mobile document destruction service.

    One of our professional uniformed drivers will transport all your confidential documents and paperwork to our mobile shredding truck. Each mobile shredding vehicle is also equipped with surveillance, such as a monitor and camera, for first-hand witnessed destruction.

    We are pleased to provide on-site mobile shredding for both commercial and residential customers. Shred Connect takes pride in being the local resource for paper shredding, offering convenience and affordability for all document shredding services.

    Off-Site MOBILE Shredding COMPANY

    If you have a considerable amount of shredding .. let’s say 8 boxes or more … and you’re into convenience and big savings, we offer off-site shredding. With this service, we set an appointment, tell you when we’re on the way, and pick up your material. The best part is that you relax while we load your material, lock it up, and transport it to our secure facility in La Habra.

    When the truck arrives, it is offloaded and shredded immediately. This service comes with a Certificate of Destruction at no extra cost. The cost savings as compared to other paper shredding companies is significant. More good news . . . you don’t need to be concerned with the breakdown and disposal of boxes. All material we pick up is recycled.

    Shredding Company Newport Beach Ca

    Media Destruction Service

    We shred more than just paper. Protect your business from a data breach by destroying all your old and unwanted electronic hardware. Media and electronic document destruction are one of our specialties.

    Here’s a list of additional materials we can shred.

    • CDs
    • Media Tapes
    • Hard drives

    Give us a phone call at 562-600-8711 if you have any questions.

    Shredding Service Newport Beach Ca


    Over time, various personal and business documents can add up at your home. Old tax forms, bills, and personal documents, such as credit reports, could become an identity theft and security threat if they get into the wrong hands. Our residential paper shredding and document destruction services provide an excellent and safe means of securely disposing of old files.

    Decrease your financial liability and protect yourself from serious data breaches with mobile residential shredding services.

    Shred Paper Newport Beach Ca

    Scheduled Shredding Services When Your Business Has an Ongoing Need

    It is simple to implement an ongoing and scheduled paper shredding program at your business. You can give us a phone call, and we will get your business document destruction program started right away.
    We provide the container at no cost and do not lock you into a contract. Whenever you have to destroy paper documents and corporate files regularly, our reliable scheduled shredding service is what your small business or company is looking for.

    Our scheduled paper shredding service is ideal for small businesses, healthcare providers, law firms, and other organizations with a constant need to destroy their confidential records. 

    Local Shredding Services Newport Beach Ca

    One-Time PAPER Shredding

    Have your documents and paper files shredded as early as tomorrow with just one call to Shred Connect! We are proud to service the one-time document destruction and shredding needs of our customers in Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, La Habra, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Norco, Corona, and Santa Ana. We bring one-time paper shredding to your door.

    We provide mobile complete file records and secure document destruction service. For companies, businesses, and residents looking for a single clean-out of their unwanted documents and file records, our professional purge service is the most effective solution.  

    Whether you’ve accumulated a couple of cartons of personal files or perhaps it is time for one large clean-out, Shred Connect has a fleet of paper shredding vehicles standing by.  We can quickly dispatch our shredding truck to your location to securely destroy your paper files and private documents.

    Industrial Paper Shredder Newport Beach Ca

    Areas and Industries We Service

    We service all industries that require shredding services of some type. We offer professional, friendly, reliable, and trusted document destruction and shredding services to industries across Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, La Habra, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Norco, Corona, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Long Beach. Click Here To Check out our other Shredding Company Locations.

    The paper volume to be shredded or destroyed and the frequency of destruction are different within each industry, and we understand that. We work closely with each firm to develop a document destruction program that meets their specific needs.

    Paper Shredding Pricing.

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